Don't forget the original intention, bear in mind the mission and show your style

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  • 2019-09-24
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Yesterday, Dafeng Party Committee organized some party members to go to Yangming street nursing home to carry out "warm nursing home" theme party day and "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission" theme education for the people to do practical activities, through the "three a "Practice organization life" (having a dumpling together, having a birthday together, a volunteer service), a new brand of innovative organization life in a new form, so that the party organization "live" up, party members "move" up.


Early in the morning, the party members drove to Yangming street nursing home, the old people knew that everyone was coming, waiting at the door early, the scene for the usual quiet and monotonous yard added a lot of vitality. Dafeng members delivered a delicious breakfast to the old people, some noodles, some cutting meat, some washing vegetables, busy and orderly, mild and soft dumplings just fit the appetite of the old people, everyone ate with a big smile.


"Happy birthday to you......" familiar and warm melody to the centenarians to send birthday wishes. Everyone brought birthday surprises for the old birthday girl, creating a "family" atmosphere, and felt the warmth of Dafeng party members in the cool autumn day.


Party members cleaned and made beds, and with their fervent energy, the entire nursing home was full of life, creating a clean and tidy living environment for the elderly. At the same time, they also sent condolences to the old people in the nursing home.


Love is commitment, love is responsibility; love is strength, love is spirit. Through the activity of "Warmth to Nursing Home", Dafeng Party Committee actively carries out the tenet of "serving the people", and effectively implements the theme education of "never forget the original heart and remember the mission". .

Never forget the original intention, through thick and thin, we will advance together.

Remembering the Mission, Dedicating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China


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