Dafeng Party member went to Jiaxing Nanhu to carry out the first heart trip

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  • 2019-09-29
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Red Boat spirit

Pioneering and pioneering spirit

Firm ideals and an indomitable spirit of struggle

Dedication to the Party and to the people


Carry out revolutionary traditional education, "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission," the important content of the theme of education. Yesterday, Dafeng Party Committee organized some party members with a vision of the red trail, came to the place where the Communist dream began - South Lake, Jiaxing, to understand the "red boat spirit", in search of a constant original heart.


At the South Lake Revolutionary Memorial, the participating party members faced the oath wall and solemnly recited their oaths to join the party and revisit their first heart, word for word, resoundingly, each shouting from the heart. In the memorial hall, a book, a photo and a relic all left a deep impression on everyone, reviewing the glorious history and struggle of the party. The Red Boat of South Lake, the Communist Manifesto, and the revolutionary relics used by the soldiers silently told of the eventful years of the war, while a piece of precious historical photo, a piece of detailed historical data, and the explanation of "oral history" time and again touched the hearts of the party members, making them more firm in their ideals and beliefs, and more determined to inherit the party's history. Confidence in the glorious revolutionary tradition.2.jpg

A trip to South Lake to explore the first years of the party will bring members close to the baptism of the revolutionary tradition for a short time, but it will be a blip in the memory.

In the new historical era, how to inherit and carry forward the "Red Boat Spirit" in the face of a new voyage? Now let's take a look at what Dafeng party members have realized after carrying out the "Journey of the Beginning"!

This is a special form of learning and education, a profound baptism of the mind, with a mission, increased self-confidence, and full of harvest. -- Zhu Qijun

Jiaxing Nanhu Red Boat is the place where our party's dream sails, we must promote the "Red Boat Spirit" in the post to carry forward, let the "Red Boat Spirit" live in the hearts of Dafeng people. --Xu Haifei

The trip to the beginning of the heart, more firm ideals and beliefs, determined to work in the future, despite the difficulties, innovation and progress, and make their own modest efforts for the development of Dafeng. --Han Junbo

Going back to the birthplace of the party not only let me relive the party history, but also let me receive the baptism of the soul, for future work to encourage, fuel and charge. --Ren Yalin

Red boat splitting waves row, the spirit of gathering people's hearts. As a party member, I want to be one step ahead of others in thought, to do what I say, to overcome difficulties, to move forward! -- Meng Jianjun

Do not forget the original heart, keep the mission in mind, dedicate strength for the take-off of Dafeng, be a qualified communist party member and happy strivers! -- Huang Yanqing


Reviewing the course of the revolutionary martyrs and passing on the red classics

Carry on the revolutionary tradition and learn the red spirit

Sail from South Lake Shore to a New Era

Searching for the red mark, never forgetting

Remembering the eventful years and moving forward


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