Leading the Culture and Sports Industry Spreading Good Happiness

Dafeng Industry, Listed on Shanghai Main Board

Dafeng has the national enterprise technology center, the national industrial design center and the national postdoctoral research station.

We are a national demonstration base for the integration of culture and science and technology, a national single champion demonstration enterprise for manufacturing industry, a national key enterprise for cultural export, a national demonstration base for cultural industry, a national demonstration unit for sports industry, and a national key high-tech enterprise.

We have won many awards, such as Zhan Tianyou Award, Lu Ban Award, Zhejiang Manufacturing Brand, nomination award of Zhejiang Provincial Government quality Award and so on.



Dafeng is certificated by SIL3 International Stage Equipment Safety Standard.

We have class A qualification for design of architectural engineering in the building industry (architectural decoration engineering, building curtain wall engineering, light steel structure engineering, building intelligent system, lighting engineering, fire fighting facilities engineering).

We have first class qualification for General contracting of construction, general contracting of electromechanical engineering, electronic and intelligent engineering, building decoration, building curtain wall, comprehensive technical capacity (stage machinery, professional lighting, professional audio, audio and video), etc.