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Dafeng Industry, Listed on Shanghai Main Board

Dafeng profile

After more than 20 years of development and accumu Dafeng has grown into an innovation cooperation platform for the whole industry chain.

Dafeng Industrial co., LTD.(A-shared listed company) is the world's leading integrated solution provider for the cultural and sports industry.

We have established an industrial pattern of "two bodies and four wings" dominated by cultural industry and sports industry, including digital art technology, cultural media, cultural and tourism integration, and rail transit industry.

We are the core technology, content and service provider of culture, sports and tourism industries, providing planning, creativity, intelligent manufacturing, construction, investment and operation of the whole industrial chain of life cycle services.

A leader in the integration of culture, sports, tourism and technology

Dafeng is a national demonstration base for the integration of culture and science and technology, providing core products and services for CCTV Spring Festival Gala (more than 20 consecutive years), G20 summit, Olympic Games and other major events and competitions.

A main participant of the city's cultural tourism landmark

Based on technological innovation, Dafeng integrates urban resources with art, science and technology, ecology and culture, and has jointly created numerous urban cultural, sports and travel landmarks at home and abroad.

An important promoter of urban civilization in the new era

With culture as our soul, science and technology as our instrument and creativity as our core, Dafeng has built up new urban business forms, launched the program of tourist performance and night tour, and made important contributions to the local economic development.


The "two bodies and four wings" industrial structure:Culture and Sports industry、sport industry | Digital technology、Cultural media、Cultural and tourism integration、Rail transit industry
  • Culture and Sports Industry

    We have the professional advantages, integration advantages, resources advantages, construction and operation experience of culture and sports facilities and equipment, we provide a package of solutions for cultural and sports venues, including the consultation and planning in the earlier stage, the implementation and promotion in the middle stage, and the service and operation in the later stage.

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  • Digital Art Technology

    Follow the idea of creativity, art and perfection. Improve the image of the city and promote the upgrading of cultural tourism industry. We will integrate art, culture and technology, and use cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, VR, AI, machinery, intelligence and interaction to achieve a trinity of art, humanities and science and technology, and create new forms of creative performing arts.

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  • Cultural Media

    We focus on the comprehensive operation and management services of the cultural complex with the theater as the core, and relies on the theater platform to build a whole industrial chain company of drama performance, art festival curation, art education and art commercial development.

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  • Cultural and Tourism Integration

    With the development mode of "cultural and tourism + integration + innovation", and the core competitiveness of "implantation ability of high-quality resources in cultural and tourism industry, ability of integrating creation into digital arts and performing arts, integration ability of various types of business +", we are committed to becoming an excellent developer of cultural and tourism industry in aspects of integration, creativity, development, construction, operation and service.

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  • Rail Transit Industry

    Certified by IRIS, EN15085 and DIN6701 system, we are engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and product service of integrated interior, seat and special equipment of urban rail, inter-city and high-speed rail vehicles, and provide all-round supporting and service of high-speed rail, bullet train, urban rail, engineering vehicles, tourist sightseeing vehicles and so on.

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Lead Culture and Sports Indust

● Cultural center, sports center, radio and television center, pan-cultural venues, colleges and universities, transportation center, theme parks, conferences and exhibitions—Dafeng actively participates in the construction of national cultural and sports projects.

● G20 Summit, BRICS Summit, Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, Internet Conference, Olympic Games, Asian Games, World Cup and CCTV Spring Festival Gala—Dafeng contributes to international activities.

● Belt and Road, Cultural Assistance, Chinese Cultural Center, international project export—Dafeng ontributes wisdom in cultural communication.

● Art viewing, sports and fitness, leisure and entertainment, travel experience, transportation—Dafeng fully integrates into people's beautiful life.

Dafeng History

For more than 20 years, Dafeng has been marching forward regardless of hardship.
The development course of Dafeng is not only a history of arduous pioneering, but also a speeding development history of the industry.
  • 20+

    20 years of trials and tribulations.

  • 5

    5 major stages of development

  • 6

    6 major industrial development directions

  • 3000+

    3000+ large engineering cases