Culture & Tourism Integration

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Culture Tourism Integration  


Zhejiang Fengyun Culture Tourism Investment Co.,Ltd. is located in the spectacular North bank of Qiantang River---- Hangzhou Qianjiang New City, and has main business: Culture tourism project (Culture Tourism Town, Sports Rehabilitation and Recuperation Town, Pastoral Complex, All-for-One Tourism) integration development operational service; creative production operation service of culture and performing arts projects; creative production integration service of city and scenic area digital art technology(night tour) projects; culture tourism derivative products R&D marketing such four regions.


Excellent integration developer of China culture tourism industry

Industry scope

Energized upgrading of night tour project in scenic area:light and shadow show of special culture and performing arts of brand tourism; investment and operation of culture sports industrial part area and culture tourism specific town; overall development operation of scenic area, tourist destination and all-in-one tourism; R&d service of culture tourism creative products etc.

Industry Advantages

Follow the development mode of “Culture tourism+ Integration+ Innovation”, base on the platform quality resources of listed company and culture sports industry alliance, own the implantation ability of quality resources of culture tourism industry; integration ability of digital art light and shadow and performing arts; various commercial activities+ integrating capacity and so on core competitiveness.

Typical cases

Gather in Xixi tonight, Hui-neng, the sixth generation of Chan school saint territory, Intention Fengcheng City, light and shadow show in Lin’an Tiaoxi etc.