Retractable & Removable seating


Dafeng's stand has dozens of varieties, which are listed in the national torch plan. When the stand is extended, it takes up very little space after retraction, realizing the multi-purpose of one museum. It is suitable for TV studio, multi-function hall, stadium, exhibition center, lecture hall and other places.

Advanced technology

The bottom wheel of three-layer structure bed frame has large bearing capacity and stable action balance;

The front edge of the bed frame is made of high strength aluminum titanium alloy profiles;

The whole row of seat tilting device and seat gravity balance device;

The bed frame telescopic synchronous device and guiding driving device;

It is safe and reliable to use soft felt telescopic hard railings;

The telescopic table adopts electric and manual switching device;

Safety protection design: corner protection, self-stop safety device, semi-rigid curtain, buzzer warning, protective plate of turnover device, etc;

Intermediate relay wheel and PLC control;

Modern WiFi technology, wireless control technology;

Movable stand horizontal, universal movement function.


Features of the movable stand

Dafeng independent research and development of the retractable stand, the design is unique and advanced, the style is novel and luxurious, the seat is beautiful and comfortable. The grandstand is ladder shaped after extension, and box like stack after retraction, which can realize the multi-purpose of hall and venue and improve the utilization rate of venue.

The stand extension can be electric or manual, and the electric one adopts low-speed and high torque driving device, with directional expansion, accurate positioning, self-stop when encountering obstacles, and manual push-pull is light.

The seat can be turned over by electric or manual. The electric device can automatically turn over and place, save labor and labor. The whole row of pedal is used for manual turnover, and the gravity balance device is loaded, so it is easy to turn over.

The stand structure is made of high-quality steel, with strong overall rigidity.

The front edge adopts special aluminum alloy profile, inlaid with anti-skid strip, which has beautiful appearance and anti-skid function.