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Dafeng Industry, listed on Shanghai Main Board.

Service purposes

Dafeng has established a complete customer relationship management system and after-sales service network system. The company has a team of professional and dedicated after-sales service engineers and can provide customers with a package of technical support and consulting services.

During the warranty period specified in the project contract, Dafeng will provide customers with warranty, maintenance services and operation training in accordance with the terms of the warranty. If the products within the warranty range break down, the company will repair or replace them for free.

Dafeng appointed technical personnel to the performance site to provide professional guidance and technical service support for the correct operation and use of all Dafeng products to ensure a smooth performance.

Dafeng promises that after the end of the warranty period, it will continue to provide life-long value-added services such as technical consultation, professional training, system optimization and upgrade, function expansion, overall replacement or partial replacement of the system for all engineering projects.

Industry recognition

The rapid development of Dafeng in the industry has fully confirmed Dafeng's core values of "being sincere and doing things practically". And it has won Luban Award, Zhan Tianyou Award, Magnolia Award, Mayor Quality Award and praise from customers and related departments many times.

With a good reputation and outstanding prestige, it has been continuously rated as a "Contract-honoring and Trustworthy" enterprise and has been continuously awarded the "AAA" level of financial credit.

Awesome services

Free warranty: The company provides comprehensive quality assurance for engineering projects free of charge during the warranty period.

Lifetime maintenance: The company provides lifelong maintenance services.

Operation training: The company provides professional training in equipment inspection, maintenance, repair and operation. The training adopts a combination of theory and practice, and a combination of domestic and foreign countries.

Performance assistance: The company provides assistance to ensure a smooth performance.

Routine inspection and maintenance: The company sends a fully equipped professional team to conduct routine inspection and maintenance several times every year.

Sufficient spare parts: The company has sufficient spare parts to ensure that it meets the needs of maintenance and replacement.

Perfect system

Carefully organize and strictly supervise - implement the principle of "do a project, build a monument", implement target responsibility assessment system of design, procurement, manufacturing, shipping, installation, commissioning, training, service, and maintenance.