Public seating


Dafeng public seats have 7 series and more than 600 varieties, which are widely used in Grand Theater, studio, concert hall, lecture hall and other places.

Advanced technology

Seat and back cushion adopts cold foaming technology, high density, good elasticity and permanent deformation.

The base and back boards are hot pressed by mould, with stable size and high bonding strength.

The welding parts are welded by robot, and the welding quality is high and the welding seam is beautiful.

Cushion recovery set up slow rise function, recovery no impact, no noise.

The chair foot is equipped with lower air supply function, with uniform air volume, low wind speed and low noise.

Seat armrest can be installed with voting device, simultaneous interpreter, microphone and other conference systems.

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Scientific design

Aesthetic design: seat shape, color and architectural environment and local cultural organic unity.

Engineering design: according to the principle of ergonomics, achieve the goal of the most comfortable sitting.

Safety design: the material and structure are harmless, and the material is fireproof and flame retardant.

Environmental protection design: passed CQC green product environmental protection certification and China environmental label product certification.

Function design: according to the specific function positioning, design the seat with different functions.

Line of sight design: in strict accordance with the requirements of "theater architectural design code".

Mechanical design: in strict accordance with the requirements of GB / t10357.

Acoustic design: select acoustic fabric and corresponding seat structure, cushion thickness and density are also designed according to acoustic requirements.