Overall solution

Provide overall solutions for investment, construction and operation of cultural, sports and tourism intelligent venues and contents


    Relying on Dafeng’s planning team and long term strategic cooperation partners that are among top ten architecture design institute/agencies in China and the world, Dafeng can deliver the top layer design of a project from different angles including development strategy, industry positioning, architecture design, and scenic outlook, etc.


    Dafeng can dig deeply the historical and cultural heritage and tourism resources of a place, to make creative content ideas according to the features of a project. Use projects as the carrier to build high quality cultural and tourism IP, and use digital art technology projects to establish a golden name card for the city.


    Intelligentconstruction:Dafeng can use various facility construction modes such as EPC\PPP, total integration, core equipments and professional engineeringtomeetthe customized needs of the client. Use modern high technology methods to provide complete and creative total solutions.


    Dafeng has advantage of the resources and channels of a publicly listed company, to carry out deep cooperation with financial institutions, expand financing means, conduct feasibility evaluation to projects, provide services including financing planning, financing mode design, financing structure optimization, risk control, etc.; raise fund by jointly creating a fund or publicly listed company credit enhancement, and assist securitization or independent IPO of project assets.


    Dafeng has unique advantage in cultural and sports industry and the resources of culture and tourism integration, and can provide various management and operation services including operation coaching, talent provision, branding and marketing, contractual trusteeship, etc.