Application of Digital Art


Classic Case

Egret Water Show in Haicang Lake, Xiamen-Asia's Largest Water Screen Projection Show

Project time: 2017

180*80 meters shocking water screen projection effect, 48 top projectors. The projection video fully integrates the coastal characteristics of Haicang Lake, with fountains as the mainstay, water curtains and fireworks in conjunction with performances, clever use of the most advanced international high-tech methods, combined with dance, music and other art forms to bring the audience a spectacular Beautiful sea night banquet.


Jakarta Asian Games-"Hangzhou Time" Smart Dance Screen

Project time: 2017

The "dancing robot" has a total weight of over 100 tons and an extension height of over 13 meters, just like a Transformers Hornet on the stage. Equipped with the only domestic DAFENG STACON system independently developed by Dafeng, using the SIL3 standard DAFENG STACON system, based on the artificial intelligence original bionic control system, it creates a multi-axis linkage robot technology with 4 manipulators, and drives 54-axis operation space through 3D animation simulation Control the curve and present the "what you see is what you get" effect in real time.

This behemoth moves flexibly and has complete safety protection and emergency measures. It is a perfect combination of AI and art.


The 70th Anniversary Ceremony of National Day, Zhejiang Floats

Project time: 2019

As the production team of the project, Dafeng creatively integrates Zhejiang elements and perfectly presents them in a small square inch, truly showing Dafeng’s sophisticated integration capabilities: intelligent machinery, AI control, acoustic design, optical fiber, etc. The application of new technology and new crafts closely integrates the traditional intangible culture and art float craft with modern science and technology to become a beautiful scenery line in the National Day parade.


Xiamen Star Bar

Project time:2018

The whole project uses future technology to create a four-dimensional space concept. The multi-media mechanical combination stage presents three shocking scenes of "Elliptical Galaxy", "Nebula Shuttle", and "Warship Arrival" in a multi-dimensional way, creating a psychedelic future world and bringing unprecedented space experience in different dimensions. It provides a reference direction for the professional development of stage machinery, sound and light in the entire entertainment industry.

Awards: This project won the first prize of the Lighting Engineering Design Award in the 14th China Lighting Awards.


"Imagery Phoenix City" Taizhou Salt Tax Museum—Naked Eye 3D Projection Show

Project time:2018年

Taking the Taizhou Salt Tax Museum as the carrier, using advanced naked-eye 3D techniques, the organic combination of Taizhou's history, culture, folklore, landscape and artistic elements, presents the ancient charm of Taizhou, and brings the audience a magnificent and panoramic audio-visual experience. It has become a new business card for night travel with humanistic characteristics in Taizhou.

Awards: This project won the third prize of the Lighting Engineering Design Award in the 14th China Lighting Awards.


Impression of Nanjing·Yasong Jinling—Nanjing Zhonghua Gate Light and Shadow Show

Project time:2019年

Build a new imaging carrier by technical means, restore the gate tower of the city wall, construct and create on the overall structure, maximize the advantages and characteristics of the projection show, and look up to the ancient capitals of the six dynasties through the four chapters of change, impression, style, and flow. Peerless elegance is an excellent project that fully demonstrates the charm of the city.

Creative technology highlights: lifelike modeling, advanced structure, high stability, and excellent material performance.


Daming Lake Water Show in Jinan

Project time:2018年

Nearly 10,000 square meters of water show venue, 40-story high fountain, performance scenes are built by lights, ancient boats, pontoons, fireworks, water curtains, fountains, screens, etc., colorful lights and beautiful scenery from the sparkling lake Rushed up. The comprehensive performance of various artistic and technical means creates a moving scene, interprets Qilu’s thousand-year culture, and offers citizens and tourists a "Quancheng Night Banquet" that travels through ancient and modern times.


Wuxi "Smile with Flowers"

Project time:2020年

Dafeng’s ingenious work——The core landscape sculpture "Ning Hua Yi Liao" is full of modern aesthetic tension as a whole. It interprets the Zen artistic conception through opening and closing, rotating and other forms, combined with the Zen garden landscape around the square to construct a modern aesthetic Perfect fusion with Zen artistic conception.

It consists of 8 spatial S-curve columns of various shapes and 45 evenly distributed flower pieces that translate and rotate in the plane to form an 18-meter-high human body shape. It symbolizes cultivating morality, cultivating wisdom, cultivating body, cultivating body, cultivating mind, cultivating character, cultivating, and cultivating-the eight cultivating body will finally become a positive result. From the start of operation to the synthesis of the human body shape, the entire process only takes 8 minutes. This dynamic sculpture brings a new artistic experience to audiences all over the world.


Guangdong Zen Sanctuary · Sixth Patriarch Huineng—The world's first Zen cultural scene experience ceremony

Project time:2018

Based on Zen ideology and Lingnan culture, it pursues the inner essence of Zen aesthetics in natural landscapes, and at the same time integrates clothing, dance, and art installations with natural landscapes.

Transcending the tradition, fully upgraded, the world's only 360° rotatable water lotus theater, indoor and outdoor multi-dimensional performance space, reproduces the legendary life of the six ancestor Huineng enlightened and promulgated, allowing the audience to feel Zen between sitting and standing The beauty and interest.

Awards: This project won the "Most Influential Performing Arts Design and Production Award" in China the Excellent Stage Art Production Award.


Shenzhen Happy Coast "Dark Blue Secret Land"

Project time:2007

Created jointly by a Sino-French international team, it features majestic dreamy waterscapes and smart multimedia performances, using the latest international multimedia art and technological achievements such as water curtains, fountains, lasers, projections, flames, music, and fireworks;

Presenting an unparalleled audio-visual feast of water, fire, light and shadow. Its innovative heights in creative planning, performance techniques, viewing effects and music creation represent the top level of large-scale multimedia water show programs in the world today.


Zhashui "Dongtianfudi" Cultural Tourism Town—the world's first large-scale mountain light and shadow art group

Project time:2017

Large-scale epic naked-eye 3D cliff light and shadow show: The "Qinling Epic" on the cliff stretches for thousands of miles, up and down for thousands of years. It tells the great changes of the Qinling land from ancient myths and legends to vicissitudes of life, and then to the shining light of civilization;

Tunnel immersive driving light and shadow show: Take the time-space train, travel through the three major time-spaces-the vast starry sky, magnificent mountains and rivers and human civilization, trace back the light and the flow, and find the dream of Qinling;

Artistic lighting: Suspension bridges, plank roads, and squares are colorful, complement each other and light up the world's most blessed place.


Shaanxi Hancheng "Yellow River Soul" water show—the world's first multi-dimensional three-dimensional large-scale lifting dragon-shaped skeleton

Project time:2017

By making the world's first multi-dimensional and three-dimensional large-scale lifting dragon-shaped skeleton, using new special effect technologies such as sound, light and electricity,

With the "Shuanglong Shouyuhuang" platform as the main performance area, wonderful pictures are presented on the dragon-shaped skeleton water curtain,

The vivid ancient myths and legends of Hancheng, famous historical figures and deeds, and magnificent humanities and natural landscapes are vividly expressed, creating a dreamlike artistic conception and breathtaking effects.


Shaoshan "China has a Mao Zedong"-one of the key projects for the 120th anniversary of Chairman Mao's birth-

Project time:2014

Unprecedented mobile and flip-type Chinese territory, with the national map as the stage, spread out to form the territory of China's various provinces and autonomous regions, combined to form a complete Chinese territory.

It shows the history of a generation of great man Mao Zedong walking out of Shaoshan, embarking on the road of national salvation, unifying the divided old China into the new China, and magnificently restoring the brilliance of the great man.


Hangzhou "Xixi Poetry Talk" Landscape Interactive Installation

Project time:2019

The design of the sculpture "Cloud Dream Book" is inspired by the natural landscape and humanistic connotation of Xixi. The "Cloud Dream Book" in the daytime is like a fresh and refined "girl";

At night, you will be transformed into a bright and beautiful "dancer", staged a dynamic 3D projection show, telling the past and present of Hong Yuan;

In the viewing area, the outdoor three-proof interactive touch all-in-one machine has 500 ancient poems for answering, and it can also form an interactive effect with Yunmengshu, which is full of fun.


Lin'an Tiaoxi River Crossing Bridge Light and Shadow Show

Project time:2019

With the theme of "Millennium Wuyue·Dream of Lin'an", using the golden sun and silver moon bridges as the carrier, using advanced technologies such as 3D visual effects to tell the charm and modern glory of Wuyue;

The past and the present are connected by the gorgeous water shows of Lintian Bridge, forming an overall pattern of "two shows and one curtain", which together weave the time and space story of Lin'an, create brand-new wisdom light and shadow, outline the new axis of the city, and reshape the Lin'an meeting room.


Anshun, Guizhou, "The Book of the Night · The Destiny of This Life"—the first large-scale interactive experience show of light and shadow installations in China

Project time:2020

"Ye Shu Jin Sheng Yuan", the country's first immersive large-scale interactive experience show of light and shadow installations, Anshun's explosive cultural tourism IP, located in the ancient town of Jiuzhou Shanli Jiangnan Scenic Area. Relying on the three unique local cultural elements of Tunpu, Di Opera, and Flower Sea, using light and shadow as pen and ink, revitalize the story IP of "Jinshengyuan", telling tourists a story of love between the general of the Ming Dynasty Muying and the flower god of Adabao that has passed through thousands of years Pocahontas. Dozens of interactive experience devices such as machinery, waterscapes, and images that are closely related to the content, combined with beautiful and gorgeous music and sound effects, are integrated into the moving real-world interpretation of the eight major areas, running through the complete story axis, and opening an unprecedented immersive night for tourists Tour trip.