Website Statement

Website Statement

Visitors to this website before accepting the service, please be sure to read this article: paragraph and agree to this statement. The act of visiting this website and the use of this website through various means will be regarded as the recognition of all the contents of this statement without objection; if you have objections, please immediately consult with this website, and obtain the written consent of this website.

Article 1 : The visitor must act in good faith and cautiously when engaging in all acts related to this website (including but not limited to accessing, browsing, using, reprinting, publicity); the visitor shall not intentionally or negligently damage or weaken the legal rights and interests of this website, shall not use this website in any way directly or indirectly engaged in violation of Chinese laws, international conventions, and the law. (b) Acts of social decency, and that the visitor shall abide by the following commitments.

1. The transmission and use of information conforms to Chinese laws, international conventions and public order and morality;

(2) Not to use this website and its related network services for illegal or improper purposes;

3. Do not interfere and disturb this website and its related network services;

4. Comply with the agreements, regulations, procedures and practices of this website and its related network services.

Article 2 : This website solemnly reminds visitors that when you reprint, upload or download the works, please be sure to respect the copyright and copyright of the works; if you find any unsigned works, please contact us immediately, we will add your signature or make relevant treatment in the first time.

Article 3 : Unless otherwise specified by us or compulsory under Chinese law, the copyright of original works created by users of this website is jointly owned by this website and the author.

Article 4: The contents of this website represent the views of the author himself, and do not represent the views and opinions of this website, which have nothing to do with the position of this website, and the author bears the responsibility.

Article 5: This website reserves the right to use the works published on this website for other purposes, including the website, e-magazines, etc., except for works accompanied by a copyright notice.

Article 6: Without the mutual consent of this website and the author, no other organization is allowed to infringe the copyright of the work in any form, including but not limited to: unauthorized copying, linking, illegal use or reprinting, or creating a mirror image of the work in any way.

Article 7 : The works published on this website in various forms (including but not limited to text, pictures and diagrams) are for reference only, and do not represent that this website agrees with their statements or descriptions, but only to provide more information, and do not constitute any investment advice. Unless otherwise expressly promised in writing, this website shall not bear any form of responsibility for all actions made by visitors based on the information provided by this website.

Article 8: When this website recommends the content of other websites by means of links, this website is not responsible for the availability of these websites or resources, and does not guarantee the authenticity and legality of any content, products, services or other materials obtained from these websites, and any use of or reliance on the content, products, services or other materials obtained from such websites or resources will cause (or claim to cause) any This website will not bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect loss.

Article 9: The website will not disclose any of the user's personal information to any party in any way, except for your consent and Article 10: Provisions.

Article 10: When government departments, judicial authorities, etc. require the website to disclose personal information in accordance with legal procedures, the website will provide personal information in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement agencies or for the purpose of public security. Under such circumstances, the website is exempt from any responsibility for any disclosure.

Article 11: This website is not responsible for any leakage of personal information caused by users disclosing their personal passwords to others or sharing their registered accounts with others.

If you have unintentionally violated the intellectual property rights of any media, company, enterprise or individual, please call or write to us, and we will delete the content within the specified time.

Article 13: This site does not enjoy the portrait rights of the characters in this work, and the portraits are prohibited for any commercial use. If the unauthorized use of the third party complaints or disputes arise, the user shall bear the responsibility by himself, and has nothing to do with the site.

Article 14: The creative fonts or font references contained in the works of this site are only for reference and display, and shall not be used for commercial purposes. If used without permission, the consequences will be borne by the users themselves, the site does not assume any legal responsibility. Commercial fonts available are: Song, FangSong_GB2312 (or FangSong), Regular_GB2312, bold, etc.

Article 15 : The final interpretation of the above statement belongs to Dafeng website.

The material part of this station comes from the network, if any infringement, please contact us.

The material part of this station comes from the network. If there is any infringement, please contact us.

The material part of this station comes from the network. If there is any infringement, please contact us.


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