help! Delivering love Dafeng voluntary blood donation

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  • 2019-12-12
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Today, Zhejiang Dafeng Industrial Co., Ltd. organized a blood donation campaign. With the strong support of the Red Cross and Yangming Street, more than 200 employees from all departments and divisions participated in the blood donation activity, donating a total of nearly 50,000 ml of blood.


Company employees waiting in line for medical examinations

Dafeng adheres to the founder's spirit of "sincerity, practicality, learning and pioneering, charity and filial piety", since 2004, Dafeng regularly organizes staff to participate in blood donation activities, making a certain contribution to replenish the city's clinical blood stocks.


Company employees donate blood enthusiastically

With smiles on their faces, every employee who participated in blood donation supported blood donation with their practical actions and contributed their love for the public's life and health. Especially, Lin Xiaohu, an employee of the stage factory, donated 3,300 ml of blood and 49 units of platelets. In July 2010, he actively joined the Chinese Bone Marrow Hematopoietic Stem Cell Bank Project and won the Gold Medal of National Blood Donation, the title of Advanced Individual in Yuyao City for Blood Donation and the Jiangjiang Cup for Blood Donation.


Blood Donor Lin Xiaohu

In this blood donation activity, Dafeng people are enthusiastic in public welfare and willing to contribute, and they help more people with a warm heart and sincere feelings, which transmits the full of love and positive energy and shows the new face of Dafeng people.


The blood donation activity not only reflects the spirit of sharing responsibility and dedication for the society, but also is an initiative to serve the local community and benefit the people within its capacity. Dafeng people lend a helping hand to pass on love and contribute to the public welfare.