Dafeng love teaching ceremony

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  • 2020-09-04
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The 2020 Dafeng Love Scholarship Ceremony was held today. Xie Jianming, executive vice president of Yuyao Charity Federation, and Feng Jialong, assistant chairman of Zhejiang Dafeng Industry Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.


Students walked into the Dafeng exhibition hall and experienced the new visual and audio sensory enjoyment brought by the intelligent venue. They were impressed by the ever-changing dance effects, quiet and comfortable theater seats, and advanced railroad equipment, and hoped to have a long-lasting relationship with Dafeng.


Xie Jianming, Executive Vice President of the City Charity Federation: As a capable, responsible and socially responsible enterprise, Dafeng has been adhering to the spirit of "sincerity, solid work, good learning and pioneering, charity and filial piety" for nearly 30 years, and enthusiastically participated in various public welfare undertakings. At the donation ceremony, Mr. Xie and Dafeng Chairman Assistant Feng Jia Long handed over the scholarship to each student with love. The scholarship activity is not only to give the outstanding students the motivation to go forward, but also to inherit virtues with love.


"What is the so-called matter of reading the sage books? It is for the saints of the past to continue their studies and for the world to have peace!" Chairman Assistant Feng Jialong put forward ardent hope to the sponsored students, to always be grateful, persevere in the struggle, and strive to become a national pillar of talent, to contribute to the construction of the hometown and other people in need of help. At the same time, Dafeng will, as always, devote itself to social welfare activities, to take practical action to give back to society. Lead the culture and sports industry, spread the good happiness!