It is appropriate to read the books of sages. It is for the purpose of inheriting the unique learning to the sages and opening peace for the world

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  • 2020-09-04
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Distinguished President Hsieh, students, and guests.

Hello everyone!

Today, looking at the students, I and the representatives here are very pleased with their brilliant and heroic posture. As a capable, responsible and socially responsible enterprise, Dafeng naturally wants to show love to the students in need of help to realize their dreams of studying. And hope that through such a form of love, to express Dafeng to give back to the community, spread and promote the positive energy of helping the poor.

Dafeng was born and raised in Yuyao and has been established since 1991 for nearly 30 years. Although it has grown into a leading global enterprise, we have not forgotten to actively participate in the charitable cause of our hometown and practice the corporate mission of "spreading good happiness" while vigorously developing ourselves. Slogans alone are just empty formalism, but must be combined with meaningful and concrete actions like today's, in order to give real energy and value to our beautiful mission. This is also the "unity of knowledge and action" advocated by our sage Wang Yangming. Love is precious because of selflessness, and Dafeng will always use our love to help people in need.

When Comrade Xiaoping went down to the South Seas to visit Singapore, he asked the then Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, "What do we rely on for China to be developed and to be rich and strong?" Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's answer was only two words: education. Education is the foundation of the nation and the hope of the family, and young people are the future of the nation. The reason why the Chinese nation is still standing among the world's nations is that we, more than any other nation, pay attention to the education level of our students and to those who need help on their way to school. Successful schooling is related to the happiness and future of thousands of families; donating to schools is to pave the road of dreams for students who need help. This is the responsibility of every enterprise, every organization and every individual. Donations do not distinguish between how much and how many good deeds. Today, Dafeng held such a donation ceremony, not only to give excellent students the motivation to move forward, but also want to inherit the virtues with love. I hope that you will be successful in your studies and return home rich, with a high building and banquet guests, but also do not forget to lend a helping hand, for the construction of your hometown and other people in need, to contribute their own strength!

Students, you are about to enter the gates of college and begin a new journey. The future is confusing and uncertain, but it is also full of opportunities and radiance. I hope you will continue to carry forward the spirit of struggle, study hard, master new knowledge and new skills, and aspire to be successful! More than anything, I want you to aim high and be strong! Finally, I would like to give all of you my motto: What is the point of reading a sage book? It is for the sake of the saints to continue their studies and to bring peace to the world. Let our good deeds continue and help more students to successfully complete their education, and wish our country, prosperity and happiness!

Thank you, Yuyao Charity Federation, and I wish you all success in your studies!

Thank you all!


(Excerpted from a speech by Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ka-Lung Toyo, at the 2020 Dafeng Charity Scholarship Ceremony)